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Potato Recipes & Info

By Pam Aughe, R.D. / Photography By Carole Topalian | October 24, 2017
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Discover | Michigan is the 10th largest potato-producing state. A cool, moist climate with warm days and chilly nights is exactly what tubers need to flourish. Michigan is the nation’s leading producer of red-skin potatoes and potatoes for chip processing and, not surprisingly, leads the national average in potato chip consumption. 

Taste | Potatoes are divided into three major varieties: starchy, waxy and new. Each variety of potato will produce specific results for mashing, baking or boiling. A waxy red-skin potato holds its shape well for salads and casseroles. A starchy potato separates easily which makes the Russet potato great for mashing. What is exciting about potatoes is that they come in innumerable shapes and colors, such as the nutty-flavored purple potato and the buttery fingerling potato.

Fortify | Potatoes are a highly nutritious vegetable. The USDA recommends increasing foods like potatoes, because they contain essential vitamins and minerals. Potatoes are a great source of complex carbohydrates (the body’s primary source of energy), are rich in vitamin C and have a mere 110 calories without fat or sodium. With good-for-you fiber, potatoes fill people up, decrease the desire to snack between meals and lower cholesterol levels. 

Preserve | Potatoes store well for up to two weeks. Keep unwashed potatoes in a paper bag or cardboard box in a cool, dark and dry place with good ventilation. Keep onions away from potatoes, because together they produce a gas that spoils both vegetables. Potatoes are easy to prepare, but can quickly discolor when cut. Immerse cut potatoes in cold water until ready to use. 

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